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The Raelian Movement

Australian Raelian Show - UN Nuclear Ban Treaty For Peace

Monday 07 August 2017 - 00:00:00
This monthly event is going to be broadcasted live on YOUtube Livestream From Australia - Byron Bay - at 11.30am Sydney time on Sunday 24th September (Sat 23rd September in America -9.30pm EST) and last about 60-90mn including ~20 mn Q&As.

The YOUtube Livestream link is going to be published on this page at the time of the event.

Subject of the next show: Raelian perspectives about
- What are the details of this UN treaty for the global nuclear ban to be signed in September? (this treaty is far too unknown for its importance)
- why do we all share the responsibility for it?
- why is it important for all the people of the earth to unite today for peace?
- what can we do to make a difference?
- how can we grow the empathy and compassion inside Humanity?
- How the 1 minute for peace campaign could become viral?
- what world we could build together if we succeed in achieving peace together?
- How close are we from living in a paradise really?