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The Raelian Movement

Celebrations of first Sunday of April

Sunday 01 April 2018 - 05:00:00
1st Sunday of April : Meet Raelians, Celebrate the creation of the First Human Being thanks to Science, Diversity and Love of the differences !

Each year, on the first Sunday of April, Raelians celebrate the scientific creation of the first human being on Earth by the Elohim, this scientifically advanced extraterrestrial civilisation that created all life on Earth long ago.

Today, scientists have already started to create life in laboratory on a small scale and the day when they will be able to scientifically create plants, animals and human beings, in their image and likeness, is fast approaching. This is precisely what the Elohim accomplished on earth around 13,000 years ago, as written in the Bible in Genesis.

The first Sunday of April is also an appreciation of the beauty of all forms of life on earth and a celebration of human diversity that enriches humanity so much Watch this powerful video of Rael about the absolute necessity to destroy racism :

On Sunday, 1st April, raelians and members of the public are gathering to celebrate the event.

The day before, on Saturday 31st march, they will celebrate the international ET Embassy Day, to promote the building of an Embassy for officially welcoming the Elohim on Earth (see

More about the Elohim’s Message to Rael

Find the closest event to you and meet some Raelians :



Time : 14h30
More informations, please contact : Tsiporha :



Place: Hotel Mercure, Via Reggio Calabria 54
Time : 14h
More informations :
- By phone: 347 4015341
- By email : italy©

Place: Hotel Marconi, Via Fabio Filzi 3)
Time : 14h
More informations :
- By phone: 347 4015341
- By email : italy©


Cluj Napoca
Place : Hotel Beyfin - P-ta Avram Iancu Nr.3 - 400098 Cluj-Napoca
Time : 13h, On Sunday, 1st April
More informations :
- By phone : 0763676661
- By Email : romania©
- Facebook page of the event


Freiburg :

Place : Jesuitenschloss, Merzhausen (Freiburg i.Br)
Time 12.30
More informations :
- By phone : 0049-1743417482
- By email: baerbel.laier©
Facebook local page : Rael-Bewegung


Roosendaal :

Place : Raadhuisstraat 62 Roosendaal (Netherlands)
Time 13.30 - 16.30
More informations : isabeloves©
Facebook page of the event :


Warsaw :

Place : Palace of Culture and Science - on the side of Świętokrzyska Street <Place: In front of the entrance to the Lalka Theater>

Time : 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

More informations and contact :

Facebook page of the event :



Place : Mudchute City Farm, London, England

Time : 12.30 pm

Contact : Brent Jarvie
- Mobile and WhatsApp : +44 7 790 015 288
- Email : brentjarvie666©
- On Facebook :



Brisbane/Gold Coast
Place: TBA
Time : 2.30pm
More informations :
- By phone: 0417 744 299
- By email : australia©

Place: McKell Park Darling Point Rd
Time : meeting at 2:30pm for a 3pm start
More informations :
- By phone: 0481873275
- By email : australia©

Lennox Head
Place: South East corner of the Lake Ainsworth
Time : 2.30pm - 5pm
More informations :
- By phone: 02 80917507
- By email : australia©